Erinn Winnsser

Erinn is a Dutch physiotherapist who graduated from the university of
Groningen, the Netherlands, with a BSc degree in Physiotherapy in 2008. Since then, she has gained experience all over the world working as a physiotherapist in private practices in Ukraine, Seychelles, London, Argentina and most recently Switzerland. She is now settling down in Northern Ireland with her family, where she is fully registered with the HCPC.

Always looking to develop and learn new skills, she has done numerous courses and training in the UK throughout her career. APPI Pilates courses, Trigger point therapy, Dry Needling, Medical Taping, Visceral Abdominal mobilisation are a couple of strategies she likes to implement in her physiotherapy treatments.


The course that made the biggest and most rewarding impact on her career
however, is the MummyMOT practitioner course. This enables her to perform
postnatal checks (6-8 weeks after giving birth) to new mothers. These
MummyMOT checks are 1 hour long assessments that include:
– Full postural screen.
– Pelvic floor muscle assessment and initial coaching to re-connect.
– Abdominal muscle exam to check for any separation (Tummy Gap).
– Screening for bladder, bowel or sexual dysfunction.
– Written report of findings.
– Bespoke rehabilitation program.

She will then teach you how to engage and reconnect with your pelvic floor
muscles, allowing recovery after birth (both vaginal and c-section mums can
benefit from these check-ups). A good (re)connection with these muscles helps
prevent or even cure leaks!
In the near future Erinn is planning to do a master’s degree in Pelvic Health to
consolidate all the knowledge up till now and dive even deeper into this subject,
which has quickly become her favourite topic.

… a personal note from Erinn

“My special skill is to translate medical terms to normal human language. I enjoy
making things easy to understand so that people can visualise the issue, and
really understand what the solution is, so we can work towards it together.
I love doing the MummyMOT checks in particular to listen to the mother’s story
and put the focus on her. So much attention goes to these lovely little babies but
in my opinion we sometimes forget to check mum. These checks provide the
perfect opportunity to allow to focus on the mother, giving her space and care, to
see how we can help her adapt, heal and reconnect with her body after giving
birth. A MummyMOT check really is the post-natal check you deserve and I find a
privilege to be able to perform these MummyMOT checks.
No more taboos! Let’s talk about all things (yes ALL things) pelvic floor related
without shame or reservation. It’s such an important daily part of our bodies that
it shouldn’t be ignored any longer. It’s never too late to address these issues
whether you’re in your 20’s/30’s, 50’s or 80’s so don’t suffer in silence – let’s talk
and try and change it in a positive way.
In my spare time I enjoy playing field hockey, playing my saxophone, stand up
paddling, crochet, sailing, walking my dog and spending time with my family,
including my two very energetic boys. I am most likely to be found on or near a

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