Cara Chandler

Cara is a fully qualified HPCP registered, Chartered Physiotherapist.  These regulatory bodies ensure that she adheres to a strict code of practice and ethics. Cara has now been working privately for over 15 years specialising in spinal conditions, joint and sports injuries.

Cara has been involved in the rehabilitation of high level athletes and those who demand extreme fitness for work. She has worked with highly competitive swimmers, runners, cyclists, dancers and other sporting athletes.

From 2006 Cara started specialising in the treatment of back pain has trained with Sarah Key, the author and founder of the “Sarah Key Method” qualifying in all levels of the “Back Master Classes”.

From 2017 she was asked to start teaching the technique, assisting Sarah Key in the teaching Physiotherapists and AHP’s in England and Northern Ireland.

The ‘Sarah Key Method’ is a unique Physiotherapy technique involves using the foot to manipulate the spine, delivering an effective, deep mobilising to the spine. Previous clients have commented that using the heel ‘gets right to the core of the problem’.

In 2018 Cara started her training with Douglas Heel learning the ‘Be Activated’ system. This system offers a holistic approach at assessing the full body to figure out compensating patters that may be over stressing the system and causing injury an/or chronic pain. One example of how this works is if the Gluteal (aka Butt) muscles are down in power, then the body needs to generate more power from elsewhere- so now the hamstrings and back muscles are asked to work harder to compensate for the lack of power in the Gluts, meaning the back muscles are over working and the spine is under more pressure and the hamstrings are stuck in chronic tightness. Over a period of time this can lead to chronic back pain and/or hamstring injuries.

Be Activated uses Neurolymphatic and fascial points to reset the body’s muscle patterns so they are working optimally. Cara has found this system speeds up the recovery rate of injuries,

‘I have found many times, that using ‘ Be Activated’ I can assess the whole body and identify the route cause and compensating patterns working the body and use the Neurolymphatic points to reset the system the clients symptoms resolve much more easily, I use a host of other techniques including Acupuncture and Nerve release techniques, along side this to create an effective treatment programme that empowers my clients and resolves pain.’

… a personal note from Cara

“I have always been an active person, and love a touch of adrenaline! In 2012 I summitted Mont Kilimanjaro, this experience taught me a lot about my own strengths both physically and mentally. It also gave me the courage to complete- my one and only – marathon in 2016. I regularly participate in Parkrun’s and enjoy being outside as much as possible. I am a qualified advanced Scuba Diver and love to be by the water. As a teenager I was heavily involved in equine Tet-Triathlon, representing Northern Ireland in competitions throughout the UK and Ireland.”

Cara Chandler

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