Stretch & Tone and Chair class

Our classes are running in studio and also available to join via zoom or pre- recorded link. We have a protocol in place where temperatures are checked at the start of class, own equipment is to be brought and masks worn entering and leaving building but not during the class. We also have a UV air ioniser to purify the air.

Stretch and tone for over 50’s

Designed for those over 50 years young, who would like to increase their confidence in movement and is suitable for people who are not used to regular exercise

The ethos of this class is to improve posture and attain overall health and wellbeing. Based around flexibility, areobics and Chi Me which is a simpler form of Tai Chi and is used to improve balance and prevent falls.  For one hour it is all about you and it is designed for you.  As you are working on the physical body the mind gets to relax for this time.

Stretches used are suitable to each person’s ability aiming to achieve muscle strength and flexibility and improve balance and stability.  Stretching exercises helps with the flow of the body systems, ie the digestive system, the expansion of the lungs, improves circulation and clears the mind.

Slow gentle movements using breathing techniques create a lovely flow of the forms that are easily learnt and very relaxing.  A gentle aerobic section is included to exercise the heart, to help with coordination and balance all to a mix of old and new pop music.  All good fun!

There is often a short relaxation/meditation time at the end of the class to prepare you for the rest of the week.

This class is run by Christine Chandler who has been an Holistic Therapist for over 25 years and still practices Reflexology, Counselling and Reiki.

Chair class

This class is designed for those who find it difficult to on and off the floor, designed with to boost circulation and flexibility.

Exercising from head to toes mostly sitting with some exercise done in standing holding on to the chair to aid balance and strength. The social aspect of this class is important, hoping to get a giggle and time is taken to discuss the importance of movement and breath.


Stretch & Tone

Monday 1100

Chair class

Monday 1400