Bike Fit

For every cyclist, correct bike set up is essential in enhancing performance, preventing injury, and ensuring comfort.

Changes in how your bike is set-up can alter joint angles, muscle lengths, and muscle moment arm lengths, thus affecting the tension-length, force-velocity-power relationships of multi-joint muscles and the effectiveness of force production. In other words, changing your position on the bike can improve your cycling efficiency and performance.

Knee pain is the most commonly reported overuse injury related to cycling, followed closely by lower back and neck complaints. Many of these injuries can be prevented or addressed if the bike is correctly set-up for the individual athlete.

Although the importance of correct bike set-up has been widely acknowledged, the real challenge is in finding the correct cycling position considering all factors whilst allowing for the individual differences of each cyclist.

Here at Physio Plus we offer a  90 minute bike fit which involves an individual physical assessment to determine and address any predisposing factors both for injury prevention and performance enhancement along with specific measurements to ensure your bike is set-up correctly for you.