We have host a range of workshops and courses at Physio Plus

If you would be interested in attending or running a workshops please register your interest with Reception by emailing or call 02891 871701

Meditation Workshop

Release all expectations. This is for you and about you.  Learn through guided mediation to release the tension in muscles and to reach a state of being, not doing.  We use breathing to create relaxation to bring in stillness, silence, calmness and peace into every cell in the body.  Revitalising, re-balancing, detoxing and making the intention to carry this mindfulness and attitude into every situation for the coming week.

Here at Physio Plus, Christine, will take you through steps to create this peacefulness within your mind and body.  Our studio provides a calming, relaxing haven where you are able to let go.

Classes are held regularly please register your interest with reception to be kept informed about upcoming dates.



Mini First Aid

The Multi Award winning classes offers first aid classes for Parents, Carers, Grandparents and Children. Classes cover CPR, Choking, Bumps, Burns, Breaks, Bleeding, Febrile Seizures and Meningitis Awareness.

Classes are fun, interactive and memorable. We as parents never want to experience a first aid emergency however knowing what to do gives the peace of mind we deserve.

NEXT MINI FIRST AID – To be Confirmed

Yoga and meditation workshop

After the Body has been stimulated and opened with a restorative yoga practice and soothed with a deep relaxation period it enters the seldom experienced state of harmonious equilibrium.

This is the optimum time to proceed with Meditation and to go further into a physical and psychological state which takes brain activity into a much calmer mode of being.

After a Yoga Class we ordinarily roll up our mats and walk out the door back into our busy and engaging lives without having taken this time to seal in the deeply healing and restorative side to our practice.

In this Workshop you will get the chance to experience Meditation and to fully appreciate the benefits that it brings, if you have never tried it why not come along and give it a go, it might just be something that you add into your life on a regular basis.

We will address the correct sitting posture and discuss the impediments which can often get in the way of a meditation practice. There are many benefits to learning and incorporating how to bring a more balanced and stoic attitude to life which can reward the individual and influence the situation they are dealing with, whether it be work, home, or relationships.

In times of increasing stress in daily life this simple practice will assist you in coping. Instead of speeding up and becoming ever more busy why not look into the idea of going in the other direction and at least spending a little time considering what is it you can do less of to give yourself a more balanced life.

This simple practice is deeply beneficial in multiple ways and full of rewards to those who learn to incorporate it in their lives.  Classes are run by Philip Martin.

Next workshop To be confirmed


Daisy Birthing

A workshop for mum and her birth companion that will not only cover all of the basics of antenatal education and an active, informed birth but also give you both the space to prepare as a team and confidently plan for your baby’s birthing day. Our unique Active Antenatal Birth method draws on elements of traditional active birth, hypnobirthing and antenatal education to create one very powerful combination. The focus is on understanding the stages of labour to working with gravity to support your baby’s birth, massage for labour and informing your own individual choices.

Next Workshop To be confirmed

Nutrition Workshop

Alongside private consultations, April Alexandra, our Nutritionist, has a passion for education – knowledge is power. April lectures mature students currently striving to attain their Nutritional qualification and leads workshops throughout the country for the general public, corporate companies, schools and community groups. Workshops are diverse and tailored to suit the group involved.
Most recent workshops have included:

‘Optimise your gut health, improve your immunity and emotional health’,
‘Cooking course – nutrition for everyday living’
‘Healthy meal prep on a budget’
‘The importance of gut health and how this impacts all areas of your life’
‘Sugar – the not so sweet truth’
‘Change for good – create the lifestyle you love’
‘Ditch the fads’
‘Eating with the seasons – supporting your emotional and physical wellbeing’

Next workshop To be confirmed