Class Times

Our classes are running in studio and also available to join via zoom or pre- recorded link. We have a protocol in place where temperatures are checked at the start of class, own equipment is to be brought and masks worn entering and leaving building but not during the class. We also have a UV air ioniser to purify the air.


Monday  7pm Beginner/Progressive with Rebecca

Yvonne- Tuesday 11am Gentle yoga with Yvonne

Friday 6pm Beginner Progressive & 7.15 pm Restorative with Rebecca

At Physio Plus we welcome Yogi’s from complete beginners to advance running a mixture of classes in the morning and the evening.  Our classes are run in blocks of 6 weeks.

Easy/Beginner’s Yoga:

These classes introduce students to the basic poses and breathwork of traditional Hatha Yoga. We spend time working on alignment, engagement, and combining the breath with movement. The classes are suitable for both beginners and improvers as we add to and explore the poses more fully as the weeks go on. Classes are relaxed and fun but at the same time deeply relaxing. We work on building strength and flexibility and enjoy a restful meditation at the end of each class.

Beginner/Progressive Yoga

These classes are for students of any ability who are not suffering from any injury to begin or to continuing their exploration of their Yoga practice.  We work on building strength, increasing flexibility and balance, and developing awareness of the breath and body. Poses are taught in such a way that they can be tailored for either beginners or more experienced Yogis. Every class begins and ends with a mindful breath awareness meditation and students leave feeling both energised and relaxed.

Restorative Yoga: 

Restorative Yoga is a deeply relaxing Yoga practice. It is a very slow, very gentle form of Yoga where the body is fully supported in the poses with the aid of bolsters, blankets and blocks. Poses are held for between five and ten minutes or even longer, allowing the body to fully release and relax into the pose. It is suitable for anyone wishing to relax, clear the mind, and switch off.

Core Yoga:

Core Yoga classes focus on poses and sequences that specifically target and strengthen the core muscles. It is a more energetic and vigorous practice that can be challenging but is always fun! A strong, fired-up core can help improve posture, relieve back pain, increase metabolism, improve digestion as well as increase a general sense of well-being. These classes are challenging but light-hearted, students leave feeling invigorated and energised and stronger!