April Alexandra
Naturopathic Clinical Nutritionist BA, Dip CNM, mANP

April Alexandra is the founder of April Alexandra Nutrition, a Nutritionist passionate about each individuals health on a physical and emotional level. April is a fully qualified and insured Naturopathic Nutritionist, registered with both CNHC and The ANP. Taking a holistic approach to healthcare, April focuses the body as a whole, wishing to get to the root cause of any imbalance.

April appreciates that each person is individual and that one size does not fit all when truly striving for optimal health. With this in mind, April will not only address food with clients, but everyday habits such as sleep patterns, stress management, emotional balance, mindful movement and everything in between.

In her own words, “I do not believe in restriction, starvation, counting calories, diet foods, excessive exercise without structure, or trying to heal the body from the outside. I believe in eating nutrient dense whole foods that truly nourish your body on a cellular level, understanding your body and most importantly feeling empowered, confident and beautiful in your own skin. Low energy, poor sleep, chronic fatigue, thyroid (hyper/hypo), food intolerance, IBS C&D, weight loss, weight gain, eczema, high BP, joint inflammation, diabetes type 1&2 – the list of symptoms is endless that optimal nutrition can support when built into a balanced lifestyle. How you fuel your body is how you fuel your life. When you feed your body with goodness and love, the results speak for themselves. It’s the most empowering, amazing feeling and I want you to feel the same way.”

Following an in-depth consultation with April she will create a bespoke plan that will suit your personal needs, educate you on how to eat to thrive and empower you to create and develop a lifestyle that suits your needs and personal goals.


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