Knee pain suddenly every time you squat or run?

A ‘Be Activated’ approach to understanding knee pain

Knee pain preventing you from progressing your squat weight? Knee pain becoming more common while running after increasing your frequency? If your system is fatiguing, then it is likely that your body is using compensating muscle groups to push that extra weight or run that extra mile.  When pain appears it shows that the body is struggling to compensate and recover efficiently.

Fatigue and compensating patterns cause your body to adopt strategies.  Over time these limit performance through losses in flexibility, strength, power, and/or endurance.  This can, not only impact performance but also lead to pain, dysfunction and an increased risk of injury. 

Compensation strategies are great in the short term as they get us through.  However, in the long term compensation can cause restriction and increase injury risk.  The reason for this is muscles are now being asked to do two jobs instead of one.  As a result, these muscles become overworked and can neglect their own roles ultimately causing collapse and pain.

For example: if the quadriceps are over working to help drive hip flexion, it has less ability to look after the knee.  When the knee is neglected it is more injury prone.  Suddenly, knee pain while squatting or running begins to occur.

Be Activated gives us a way to assess and understand how the body is working, why an injury or pain has occurred and develop a pathway to release these patterns. 

How we can help your knee pain

 Here at Physio Plus NI, 3 of our therapists are trained in the Be-activated approach and use frequently within their treatments.

The Be-activated system is a therapeutic approach incorporating breathing and deep tissue release used to reset the body’s neural system.

Be-activated looks at the body’s two main priorities: to breathe and to move.  Both of which must be met to survive – the better they are, the better quality of life you have.

Sessions will therefore be aimed towards shifting your own body out of these patterns in order to:

1)    Optimise function

2)    Reduce pain

3)    Increase flexibility

4)    Reduce re-injury risk

Alongside this we will also teach you the tools to be able to better understand your body and how to reset it to prevent compensatory stressed states.

The Be-activated approach will not only produce IMMEDIATE and MEASURABLE results but is also simple enough that a ten-year old can use it!


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