Aromatherapy Oils and Creams

Top quality, pure and natural oils and creams 

Christine Chandler has been a certified, insured and practising Aromatherapist for over 30 years.  Currently based at Physio Plus NI.  Christine offers personally blended oils and creams for each clients medicinal needs.

Aromatherapy uses pure essential oils to enhance physical and emotional health.  It may help manage pain, ease digestion, boost relaxation, improve mood, and relieve menstrual symptoms, among other benefits.

Products available include:

Face Creams:  To suit your unique requirements.  Loved by young and more mature skin types respectively.

Nappy Creams:   A preventative cream which helps sooth and treats rashes.  Much appreciated by baby and Mother.

Essential oils have smaller molecules and are therefore absorbed easily and effectively through the skin.  Though not greasy

Stretch Marks / Scars: These help prevent stretch marks and can reduce scarring

Body Oils:  These are of developed to enhance your skins condition for a naturally moisturised appearance.

After Sun oils:  These oils are soothing and calming on overheated skin.  A safe and moisturising solution to a lovely tan.

Sprays: Can reduce bacteria in the air, if someone in the house is ill or freshen the house or office space.

Respiratory oil: Most popular this winter, this is a massage oil to treat chest infections, coughs and flu symptoms.

PLEASE NOTE: All creams and oils are made with a blend of Carrier oils. Calendula, Vit E, Jojoba, Wheatgerm, Grapeseed, Almond oil and Coconut oil of the purest quality.

Prices are dependent on oils used. Will range from £5 – £30

For consultations and more information please call Christine’s on 07812609876 and leave your name with a short message.