Stretch and Tone

Stretch and Tone Classes @ Physio Plus

This class is aimed at people 50-85 years young!  You are never too old to start exercising or stop for that matter. As we get older it is very important that we keep our fitness levels as well as our muscular strength, balance and flexibility.By participating in a structured class we can cover all these area and also keep our minds sharp.Anne Boggs and Rebecca Megarry are YTTC trained yoga instructors who have taken classes both privately and our clinic. Both teach our ever-popular Stretch and Tone classes. Expect the music to be upbeat!

Stretch and Tone classes

Classes will run in 6 week blocks costing £55

Matwork classes

Monday 14:15 (over 50’s yoga) Physio Plus
Tuesday 09:45


Physio Plus

Physio Plus

Wednesday 11:15

18:00 (over 50s yoga)

Physio Plus

Physio Plus Studios

 Thursday                  0945

To enquire about our Stretch and Tone classes, please ring 02891871701 or email us at