Philip Martin

Having always been interested in all aspects of the physical body, when I incorporated Yoga and Meditation, I knew I had found the path I would never leave; it all fell into place so to speak. Since then I have been keen to assist others on their journey navigating this human existence, we all share. My teaching draws on Philosophy and Psychology while also incorporating Zen wisdom and the teachings found in Raja Yoga and Jnana Yoga to assist the physical practice and make sense of it all. Anxiety and stress abound in the modern age so the teaching style I like to advocate is based on both empowerment and release to both strengthen and open the physical body and also to free the mind from hindrance and restriction.This class is aimed at people 50-85 years young!  You are never too old to start exercising or stop for that matter. As we get older it is very important that we keep our fitness levels as well as our muscular strength, balance and flexibility. By participating in a structured class, we can cover all these area and also keep our minds sharp.

Cara Chandler

Senior Physiotherapist and APPI Pilates instructor

Leighton Bradgate

Senior Physiotherapist and APPI Pilates instructor

Reuben McIlrath


Jillian Ferguson

Sports Therapist and APPI Pilates instructor

Karen Scowcroft


Nina Buchannon

Thai Massage Therapist

April Alexandra

Rebecca Megarry

Yoga Instructor

Yvonne Todd


Sharon Ward

Daisy Birthing

Ruth Graham

Mini First Aid

Christine Chandler

Receptionist, Over 50’s Stretch and Tone & Chi Me Instructor / Reiki Master/ Teacher

Carolyn Ennis


Bronagh Morgan

Administrator and Business development