Karen Scowcroft

Karen is an HCPC registered Podiatrist (BSC Honours)  qualified from Salford University in 2001 [BSc Hons Pod Med] HCPC Reg.

Karen believes, that for the most effective and efficient form of treatment to be delivered is to meet the needs of the patient to the highest standard and making sure they are involved in their own treatment. This can be achieved by making sure the patient understands what the problem is, their own condition and knowing how the treatment plan created will aim to solve this. Karen will always aim to achieve a detailed, reliable and most importantly accurate form of treatment to make sure the patient feels relaxed and comfortable during treatment.


… a personal note from Karen


“Podiatry has the ability to relieve pain that has affected people for months and sometimes years. When people come to see me and I help them to relieve this pain and bring back normality to their life, it makes my job truly worth it.”

Understanding the patients need is essential for a good form of practice. Building a greater picture of the presenting problem will then allow me to find a treatment plan that can work with the patient and manage the condition.

In my spare time I enjoy

Time with my family
Dog walking with my springers

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