Braces and supports are designed to cater for a wide array of injuries, whether as a preventative measure, to be used during rehabilitation or post injury. Whilst all braces work differently to manage injuries, they all have one thing in common in that they are designed to offer the wearer an additional level of compression, comfort and protection regardless of their sport or activity level.

There are a variety of braces and supports available on the market. For more information on which support might be right for you please contact us to arrange a consultation.

Physio Plus work in partnership with Ossur –™ ‘life without limitations’ and can provide a wide variety of sporting and functional braces suitable for your injury or condition.

Knee support

Knee injuries are something which are heavily publicised in sport, where professional footballers can be out of action for a considerable amount of time. A common cause of knee injuries is the over rotation of the knee joint, which can occur when playing fast moving sports such as football or be as simple as turning too quickly in the office. Some knee injuries can lead to osteoarthritis by their degenerative nature, therefore seeking clinical advice is essential for long standing or reoccurring issues.

A knee support is designed to offer additional support post injury by applying compression to the affected area, whilst giving the wearer the confidence to get on with their daily routines. Knee supports come in a variety of styles, all of which are designed to focus on specific areas or ailments, from patella stabilisers to full knee supports to those designed to manage degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis of the knee.

imageUnloader One

The Unloader One is designed to manage the symptoms associated with osteoarthritis of the knee and clinically proven to demonstrate a number of key benefits to those wearing it. Osteoarthritis causes the gradual breakdown of cartilage in your joints resulting in bone on bone contact which can be painful for sufferers. Pain can be felt during movement of the joint or even by resting and therefore can be very frustrating, painful and leave sufferers unable to carry out basic tasks.

The Unloader One has been designed to decrease the pain felt in the knee which can reduce the users reliance on the use of pain medication. The brace can also offer improved knee function which can either avoid or postpone the need for surgery.

Whilst surgery remains an option to sufferers and sometimes a necessary one, the Unloader One is less invasive than surgery. The brace works by reducing the pressure on the affected part of the knee, thus offering a reduction in pain and allowing the patient to move more normally.

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CTI- Ultimate protection and support

When ligament injuries occur, the knee loses the natural mechanism which supports and stablises the joint. As a result the consideration in treating these indications are to restore the stability, to protect the knee from further injury and support it when in use.

The CTi is designed to stabilise the knee, whether to prevent injury or post injury by offering protection against ligament damage. It is typically used by sports people for any ACL / PCL / MCL / LCL injuries.

The CTi is worn by sports professionals and amateurs alike. From water sports to motocross the CTi gives the wearer an additional form of protection and the confidence to go out and perform.

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Foot and ankle support

The severity of any injury will dictate the necessary course of rehabilitation required and the need for a brace or support. If you are worried about the severity of the injury incurred you should seek advice from our Physios at Physio Plus.  Remedies can range from applying ice and resting to surgery and an extended period of time out of action for the more serious injury.

Sprained ankles are an all too common injury, something that can just as easily happen on the football pitch as walking to the shops. In the immediate aftermath of incurring a sprained ankle you should refrain from putting any weight on it and use ice to reduce any swelling, which can also offer pain relief.

A light sprain is a self-limiting injury in most cases, but during rehabilitation an ankle support can offer additional protection to the ankle and give the wearer greater confidence in their day to day activities. An ankle support is designed to offer compression to the affect area whilst also offering stability to reduce the risk of the ankle rolling and having a negative impact on recuperation.

Arm and elbow support

Arm and elbow supports cater for a variety of injuries, both sporting and work related. A common complaint is that of tennis elbow and whilst the name suggests it being a specific sporting injury it can also affect those as a result of decorating or through playing the violin.

One method of living with tennis elbow is through the use of a brace or support, providing compression therapy as a means of treating the condition. A simple band can be placed over the affected area which is designed to offer compression where it is required and can allow wearer to stay active for longer. It also works to combat inflammation and the reduction of swelling caused as a result of the initial injury.

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Who are Össur?

Össur are a globally recognised business specialising in the use of non-invasive innovative orthopaedic solutions such as braces and supports. They strive to deliver products at the forefront of innovation, using scientifically proven designs built on forty years of knowledge, delivering clinically proven results.

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